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Our amazing alumni use their application experience to assist families confidently steer the path towards “Dream College Admits”

The Operational Challenge with College Admissions these days

Nowadays, the application pool has become so strong that even students with strong grades find it difficult to secure a seat and that’s purely because of lack of guidance and planning.

Students with strong grades dreaming for Dream schools are frustrated because the university admission process is becoming increasingly complex.

Students are ambitious and they want to end up at a school that makes sense for them, but they don’t get time from guidance counsellor because the counsellor to student ratio is so high at schools.

What are parents and students supposed to do?

How We’re Solving the Problem

Get One-on-One Counseling from Your Admission Consultant – Anytime, Anywhere

The entire team of Career Weaver have gone through the same application process and received scholarships and admits from top schools. Having gone through the same application process firsthand, our team have the expertise in guiding students and families on the recent trends in the admission process, thus making it a very comfortable event and for the same reason Career Weaver has the reputation of The Best Study Abroad Consultant in Faridabad & Gurgaon

We Specialize in Advising Services for All Stages of Preparation

Weaving The Right Profile
Student Profile building activities is weaved in such a professional manner that it avoids muddled – up situations.

As a Study Abroad Consultant we are providing a customized & scheduled approach into choosing the right activities.

On the other hand we will also guide you to which tests to take and what scores you will need.

As a result of  this informed application process – Career Weaver is the Best Study Abroad Consultants in Faridabad | Gurgaon | Raipur | Bhilai

Customized and curated university selection
We will work with you to develop a university list which is based on students Profile, Priorities and Preferences.

Our rich source of database in building over 19 years & it is true that profile, priorities and preferences of a candidate is just the beginning.


For instance, there are various other criterion’s that we use to deliver a university selection list that is curated & personalized. Consistently Career Weaver is awarded  “The Best Study Abroad Consultant in Faridabad and Gurgaon”.

Strategized application process
We will make it super easy for you. Applying to 8 – 10 universities altogether is a daunting task.

Out team of experts are master craftsmen in getting a synchronization in your SOP’s, LOR’s & essays, & for each university based on the key DNA asks of every university which is solid enough to get you in.

In conclusion, Believe it or not, timing, content and relevance matters equally.

Our diverse experience accompanied with the first-hand knowledge of our student mentors will definitely aid you in the process of utilizing your best to the optimum. Best Study Abroad Consultants in Faridabad

The application pool will differ from university to university & across geographies; our specialized skill set helps you identify the right window to strategize your application well for maximizing the turnaround percentage.

Essays – Differentiated Insights for your most creative self
Well, it is true – YOU are different!

Your Essays are one of the key deciding factors in your admission – In other words it’s a platform to express your interests, goals & background & it also gives a chance to add further depth to your candidature.

Therefore, our team of experts will curate your story & marries it with the individual strategic asks of every university.

They help you make essays that have worked in the past & will work in future as well.

Interview Preparation
The best of the best are here to help you crack that dream college.

Interview preparation is be a daunting task. We have repositories of material, which we update every session, prepared & is curated for you, comprising of all possible questions.

As a result this will help you focus on your preparation rather than you busy doing searches & trying to connect with your contacts which will take away most of your time.

Most colleges provide you a very short window to prepare.

Above all we will aid you in reviewing your answers, suggesting key changes & conduct mock interviews so that you feel confident & well prepped.

Financial Aid and Scholarship Help
Above all, Most of our Mentors are still studying and have studied on Full or Partial Scholarships.

Studying abroad can be a very expensive affair. In other words, we will help you and provide all the necessary information on financial aids, scholarships.

In addition we will also craft your aid/support letters, provide you the key contacts & ensure that we provide you the best guidance in this dream journey of yours!

If you are planing to Study Abroad on Scholarships – Career Weaver is the Top Overseas Consultant in Faridabad & Gurgaon.

Feel free to fill the Free Consultation Form for a Counseling session.

Visa assistance
Don’t forget that many candidates lose out on opportunities even post they crack their dream colleges.

Most importantly, our visa counselor will provide you with holistic support on documentation, interviews & slot bookings.

To clarify, our visa counselor have years of experience across geographies to guide you in the best possible manner to make you visa ready.

For more information on Universities entry requirements and deadlines you can visit our Blog.

Talk to our Enrollment team to learn more about our advising services.

Our Consultants


Aman Khanna

Aman Khanna

MBA, Kelly Business School



MBA, Boston University

Ashish Sharma

Ashish Sharma

MBA, Schulich Business School

Sanya Gupta

Sanya Gupta

Computer Science, Georgia Tech

Niveditha K

Niveditha K

Computer Science, USC

Noni Gulati

Noni Gulati


Pranee Reddy

Pranee Reddy

Electrical Major, University of Southern California

Sarthak Vij

Sarthak Vij

Economics Major, Penn State

Shreya Ahuja

Shreya Ahuja

Mechanical Major, Boston University