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Guide to MBA at University of Alberta

Planning to do MBA at University of Alberta

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MBA at University of Alberta

MBA at University of Alberta is ranked among the top 5 MBA programs in Canada

Alberta Business school offers wide range of topics from Finance to Marketing, International Business to Natural resource management as a specialization.

It has 100% job placements till date and high ROI

Female students with less GMAT scores are also accepted, provided they have good work profile


MBA Admission Requirements



With a 640 plus on the GMAT and 3 years plus on work experience you will have good chance of admission

Similarly, with a 680 on GMAT your chances are good for admission

However, if you have 700 on the GMAT then scholarships are possible

University of Alberta GMAT Code is 87G-MT-78


Alberta business School MBA Tuition Cost & Duration

Full time program length                  : 18 Months

University of Alberta MBA Cost       : 57,909 CAD

Living expenses                                   : 13,000 CAD/Year

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Official Transcripts

To clarify, scan copies of your transcripts will work for the application process

You will need 4 years undergraduate degree with a 3.0/4.0, in other words they need good academics


Alberta Business School Deadlines for 2020

RoundApplication Deadline
Round 1Jan 15, 2019
Final RoundApril 15, 2019


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