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University of Washington Seattle Computer Science

University of Washington Seattle

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University of Washington Seattle Computer Science

My student want to get an admit here, but his GPA is low. Similarly, his SAT score is also not good. On the contrary, he has a research paper.

University of Washington Seattle Computer Science is offered through Paul G. Allen School.

Two majors are offered:

  1. Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
  2. Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering

The application process is different for both the programs so student needs to be sure of his academic choice when applying.


University of Washington Seattle Computer Science Majors Subjects

  1. Applied and Computational Mathematical Sciences
  2. Informatics
  3. Human Centered Design & Engineering
  4. Geographic Information Systems
  5. Visual Communications Design and Interaction Design
  6. Data Science


University of Washington Seattle Computer Science – Clubs & Organizations

As a student at UW you can participate in many clubs.

At time of your application you also need to research on these clubs.

We have listed few clubs, which could be used for your applications.

  1. ACM Student Chapter
  2. Women in Science & Engineering (WiSE)
  3. Association for Computing Machinery
  4. American Indian Science and Engineering Society
  5. Science & Engineering Business Association


Computer Science Faculties University of Washington Seattle

Here are few faculties to choose according to your essay topics

  1. Tim Althoff
  2. Richard Anderson 
  3. Ruth E. Anderson 
  4. Tom Anderson 
  5. Magdalena Balazinska
  6. Paul Beame 
  7. Rastislav Bodik 
  8. Byron Boots  


G.P.A of Enrolled Freshmen (4.0 scale)

Average GPA                                              3.81
3.75 and Above                                          64%
3.50 – 3.74                                                    27%
3.25 – 3.49                                                    7%
3.00 – 3.24                                                   2%


Indian student below 90 % should not apply, since the application pool is strong.

However, if for some reason your GPA is low but you have strong SAT Scores with a strong application.



Money Matters

Cost of Attendance                                    $$55,101
Tuition and Fees                                         $38,211
Room and Board                                        $13,199
Financial Document                                  Not Required


To clarify, the tuition cost and accommodation is not very costly.

Most importantly, compared to other university the Tuition cost is not high.

But, they also offer lot of scholarships and you have to be top 5 % of the class to get it.

The cost of living is around 14,000 USD to 20,000 USD depending upon the accommodation you choose.



Application Dates and Fees University of Washington Seattle

Regular Admission Deadline
Application Fee                                   $80
Application Fee Waiver                     Available
Regular Admission Notification     15th March
Accept Offer of Admission               May 1
Waiting List Used                               No
Defer Admission                                 Student can defer admission
Transfer Admission                            Transfer applications accepted


Application Form for Computer Science

Common Application                           Not Accepted
Universal College Application            Not Accepted
Electronic Application                          Available


IELTS Score reporting, is difficult and it takes lot of time.

In addition, its Time consuming whether you applied through British Council or if you have applied through IDP.

With IDP it is just a click away but British council take time.

For Sending score through British Council you need to make a DD, send it across to there Gurugram office.

In conclusion, report your scores on time.


University of Washington Seattle Essay  Prompts 2019 -2020

For Essay Prompts: Click Here



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Applications : When To Start

To clarify, we are sharing an example here :

Our student who were keen on getting admit to top universities for 2020, started in Jan 2019

We got enough time to build there profile.

We created best set of Portfolio of Universities and started working on the essays at a very early stage.

Starting early and building your profile by connecting with relevant  students is one of the key steps.


My students was invited for a party. However, he was’t feeling well, so he decided against it.

Secondly, my student is a very nice guy. He took us out for a campus dinner, for instance.

Thirdly, I enjoy his company because he always take me to a campus tour.

He tried really hard to entertain me. Similarly, he put all his effort in dinner.

My student pushed me. As a result, I fell over.

Now I am tired. Therefore, I am going to my dorm.

She is not found of rain. However, I do like it.

In Conclusion.

I am letting my staff go. In other words, they are fired.

————————————–Thank You————————————————————


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