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Yale Computer Science Acceptance Rate Rankings

Yale Computer Science

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Yale Computer Science Acceptance Rate Rankings

Yale Computer Science Acceptance Rate Rankings

Computer Science is offered as a Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts with 4 majors to choose from :-

  1. Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
  2. Comp. Science and Mathematics
  3. Computer Sci. and Psychology
  4. Computer Science and Economics

Students need to choose the program very carefully as the other discipline offers a wide range of major subjects to choose from.

For Example : One of my student is keen on IT Consulting, so she will be choosing Computer Science and Economic.


Average SAT & ACT Score

Safe SAT Score will be 1520 but you can still apply if you have 1470, create a strong application.

Best ACT Scores will be in the range of 33 to 35, with a strong application you can secure an admit.

Scholarships – Yale does not offer any scholarships, it only offer Need Based Financial Aid.

Enrolled First Year student are 1,554 for 2019 intake against 36,844 applicants.

Yale Tuition Cost :- Yale Calculator


Clubs & Organizations Yale Computer Science Acceptance Rate Rankings

While submitting your applications for admissions, you will be asked about the clubs you look forward to join once you receive the admits. Answer to this question is very critical, so we have added few very interesting clubs for you to add in your application.

  2. Design For America
  3. FLOAT
  4. YALE Computer Science Society
  5. Tau Beta Pi

Since Yale has so many essays, you might find a way to use the above information to your best use. If you want to know how you can have a win win application then Be In Touch.


Computer Science Faculties Yale Computer Science Acceptance Rate Rankings

Networking with Professor’s in advance gives you upper edge in the application process, below are the best professor to connect couple of months earlier during application deadlines. (April – May- June – July 2020 is good time to connect for 2021 Applications )

  1. Professor Angluin
  2. Professor James Aspnes
  3. Stanley Eisenstat’s
  4. Professor David Gelernter
  5. Professor Michael Fischer’s


Application Dates and Fees

Regular Admission Deadline          January 2
Application Fee                                   $80
Application Fee Waiver                     Available
Regular Admission Notification     April
Accept Offer of Admission               May 1
Waiting List Used                               Yes
Defer Admission                                 Student can defer admission
Transfer Admission                            Transfer applications accepted

Yale essays are difficult and they are too many in numbers. Its important to start couple of months early on your application so you are able to create strong essays. A proper anecdote requires lot of time since all of you are quite young and here you are competing with the best of the best students who are clear with what they want in there life.

Our suggestion to all our student is always to connect with at least 10 students who are currently studying at Yale and understand if you are the right fit for the school and how to your portray your story to the admission review committee.


Application Form for Computer Science

Common Application                           Not Accepted
Universal College Application            Not Accepted
Electronic Application                          Available
IELTS Coaching
TOEFL Coaching


Essay Prompts 2019 -2020  –  Yale Computer Science Acceptance Rate Rankings

For Essay Prompts: Click Here


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