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Yale University Undergraduate Application Process

Yale University Undergraduate Application Process

This is to say, that Yale University undergraduate application process / applications 2020 are now open. To clarify, the Application is through Common Application

My student want to get an admit here, but his GPA is low. Similarly, his SAT score is also not good. On the contrary, he has a research paper.


Contact Info – To clarify things

Phone    :(203) 432-9300


PO Box 208234
New Haven, CT 06520-8234 




Yale University Undergraduate Application Process-2020

Most importantly, here is the Application Deadlines?

Fall 2020

First Year

  • Restrictive Early Action – 11/01/2019
  • Regular Decision – 01/02/2020


Yale Application Fees:

  • First Year Domestic Fee – $80
  • First Year International Fee – $80


Yale Standardized Test Policy:

Always Required

SAT w/o Essay or ACT w/o Essay

Test Policy Information

SAT Code: 3987

ACT Code: 0618

IELTS Score reporting, is difficult and it takes lot of time.

In addition, its Time consuming whether you applied through British Council or if you have applied through IDP.

With IDP it is just a click away but British council take time.

For Sending score through British Council you need to make a DD, send it across to there Gurugram office.

In conclusion, report your scores on time.


Courses & Grades:

Not Used


School Report Required

Counselor Recommendation Required

Mid Year Report Required

Final Report Required

Teacher Evaluation(s): 2 Required, 0 Optional

Other Evaluation(s): Not Applicable


Saves school forms after matriculation:



Additional Information:

Contact Us: http://admissions.yale.edu/contact-us


Writing Requirements

Common App Personal Essay


Yale Undergraduate Essay Questions

What is it about Yale that has led you to apply? (125 words or fewer)


Short Takes

Please respond in no more than 200 characters (approximately 35 words), to each of the following questions:

1. What inspires you? 

2. Yale’s residential colleges regularly host conversations with guests representing a wide range of experiences and accomplishments. What person, past or present, would you invite to speak? What question would you ask?

3. You are teaching a Yale course. What is it called?

4. Most first-year Yale students live in suites of four to six people. What do you hope to add to your suitemates’ experience? What do you hope they will add to yours?


Yale Essays

1. Think about an idea or topic that has been intellectually exciting for you. Why are you drawn to it? 

2. Please respond to either one of the following prompts in 250 words or fewer.

A. Reflect on your engagement with a community to which you belong. How has this engagement affected you?

B. Yale students, faculty, and alumni engage issues of local, national, and international importance. Discuss an issue that is significant to you and how your college experience could help you address it.

Please indicate the number of the prompt you are writing about at the start of each response. – e.g. “Prompt 1”


Engineering Essay

If you selected one of the engineering majors, please tell us more about what has led you to an interest in this field of study, what experiences (if any) you have had in engineering, and what it is about Yale’s Engineering program that appeals to you. Please answer in 300 words or fewer.



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You can speak to our student ambassador if this is your Dream University.

Most importantly, you should also see the team profile in the section mentioned here : About Us

In conclusion, we can get your admit for Purdue.



Applications : When To Start

To clarify, we are sharing an example here :

Our student who were keen on getting admit to top universities for 2020, started in Jan 2019

We got enough time to build there profile.

We created best set of Portfolio of Universities and started working on the essays at a very early stage.

Starting early and building your profile by connecting with relevant  students is one of the key steps.



————————————–Thank You————————————————————


Cornell Undergraduate Applications 2020


My students was invited for a party. However, he was’t feeling well, so he decided against it.

Secondly, my student is a very nice guy. He took us out for a campus dinner, for instance.

Thirdly, I enjoy his company because he always take me to a campus tour.

He tried really hard to entertain me. Similarly, he put all his effort in dinner.

My student pushed me. As a result, I fell over.

Now I am tired. Therefore, I am going to my dorm.

She is not found of rain. However, I do like it.

In Conclusion.

I am letting my staff go. In other words, they are fired.

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