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Purdue University

Purdue University – West Lafayette

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Purdue University – West Lafayette

Purdue University – West Lafayette, was founded in 1869.

It is one of the biggest public university in the US.



Campuses :-

  1. West Lafayette – Main Campus
  2. Fort Wayne
  3. Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis
  4. Purdue University Northwest




Undergraduate Admissions

Entrance Difficulty                                      Moderately difficult
Overall Admission Rate                              58.1% of 53,139 applicants were admitted
Early Action Offered                                    Yes
Early Decision Offered                                No
Regular Admission Deadline                    January 15


It is moderately selective in terms of admissions.




Grade Point Average of Enrolled Freshmen (4.0 scale)

Average GPA                                              3.66
3.75 and Above                                          60%
3.50 – 3.74                                                    20%
3.25 – 3.49                                                    12%
3.00 – 3.24                                                    6%


The average GPA is in between 3.5 to 3.75 for Indian students.

According to our past admission experience, it is difficult to get admission with lower GPA.

To be precise, if you are an Indian student – then you should be 80% + on your predicted grades.




Money Matters at Purdue University – West Lafayette


Cost of Attendance                         $41,614
Tuition Fees                                      $28,794
Room and Board                            $10,030
Financial Document                     Not Required


Tuition cost is economical, as compared to similar top universities.

Also, the living expenses are quite low, compared to other states.

In fact, they have too many scholarships for International Students.

Information related to scholarships could be found here : Scholarships

If you want to connect with few of our students then Be In Touch.



Freshman Admission Requirements

Entrance Difficulty

Most Difficult :  To clarify, last year more than 75% of freshmen applicants were in the top 50% of their high school class.


ExamRequired UnitsScores Due in Admissions Office
SAT or ACTRequiredFebruary 1
SAT Only1250 +
ACT Only32 +
SAT Subject Tests OnlyNot used if submitted
SAT Essay ComponentNot reported
ACT WritingWriting component required
ACT Writing Test PolicySAT: Used for admission
ACT: Used for admission


One of our student had 1320 on SAT. As a result, he got selected.


However, the probability of getting admit depends on the course you are applying for.

To clarify, a safe score with strong application and good academics is mentioned above.

For instance, if you don’t score well on the SAT then try taking ACT exam, as lot of students do well with ACT.

Most importantly, don’t forget to send your scores well before time. Because it take’s 14 days to reach universities.

SAT Codes and ACT codes for UT Austin could be found here : Click Here





Applying for Admission

Admissions Office


City, State, Zip                                  West Lafayette, IN 47907

Phone                                                (765) 494-1776

E-mail                                                admissions@purdue.edu




Application Dates and Fees

Regular Admission Deadline          January 15
Application Fee                                   $60
Application Fee Waiver                     Available
Regular Admission Notification     December 12
Accept Offer of Admission               May 1
Waiting List Used                               Yes
Defer Admission                                 Student can defer admission
Transfer Admission                            Transfer applications accepted
Early Action Offered                            Yes and Deadline is November 1


Most importantly, application fees waiver of 60 USD is available. If you want fee waiver then Be In Touch.

Special application for scholarship is required, of which details are mentioned above.

Scholarship application deadlines are in February.

There are many reasons to start early. Above all, we are the best.




Application Form for Purdue University – West Lafayette

Common Application                           Accepted
Universal College Application            Not accepted
Electronic Application                          Available


IELTS Score reporting is difficult and takes lot of time.

For instance, Score reporting is time consuming at British Council .

On the other hand, with IDP it is just a click away through there online reporting system.

However, for reporting your score’s through British Council, you need to send s DD to its Gurugram office.

In conclusion, it is advisable to report your scores on time.




Other Application Requirements

Interview                                                  Not Required
Essay or Personal Statement              Required for all freshmen
Letters of Recommendation


In addition, if you are keen on applying to US universities then feel free to Connect with us: Free Consultation

Our student mentors have studied Engineering at this university and we will share the latest insights with you.

You can also, speak to our student ambassador if this is your Dream University – About Us




Applications : When To Start

In this section, I am going to discuss few reasons why starting early is the best practice for admissions.

Firstly, our student’s who were keen on getting admit at top universities for Fall 2019, started working with us from January 2018 itself.

As a result, we got enough time to build there profile & generated right set of Universities.

Secondly, we started working on essays at a very early stage and were able to bring up a strong application.

Thirdly and most importantly, we were prepared for the application deadlines at an early stage.


Therefore, starting early will give you time to connect with relevant students on LinkedIn.

In other words, it is one of the key steps in the application process.


In conclusion, we hope you have understood the timeline of application from above post.



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